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Have You Had Your Childs Feet Checked by a Podiatrist?

Liverpool Podiatry Clinic think Childrens Feet are very important, untreated problems with your feet as a child can cause deformities, serve pain and gait and postural abnormalities into adulthood this can lead to problems in your back, hips, knees and feet.


Liverpool Podiatry Offer a FREE 10 minute FOOT Check for children 0-18 years.

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Liverpool Paediatric podiatrist

Childhood is important for the development of our feet.

There is never a wrong age for a child to visit a paediatric podiatrist.


The welcoming paediatric podiatrists of Liverpool

Our paediatric podiatrists at Liverpool Podiatry have successfully treated children's foot problems for more than 30 years. Liverpool Podiatry are also NDIS kids Providers and are experts in our feild.



A child's feet lay the groundwork for stability and lower leg mechanics. As children age, they may develop a number of foot problems that affect the mechanics of their lower legs. Many of them are typical and might eventually go away on their own, while others need to be treated immediately away for the greatest outcomes.


When might young patients need to visit a podiatrist?

If you have any worries regarding your child's lower legs or feet, contact one of our paediatric podiatrists. Our podiatrists are capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of issues, including warts, ingrown toenails, gait issues, sporting injuries SPORTS INJURIES Biomechanical Assessment and Treadmill Gait Analysis and Lower leg pain.


If your child exhibits any lower leg issues, has an uncomfortable stride or walk, flat feet, uneven shoe wear, poor posture, or instability, you are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our paediatric podiatrists. We frequently hear from parents the most heartbreaking statement: "I wish I had brought my child for podiatry treatment earlier." You can go to Liverpool Podiatry Clinic at any age.


Paediatric podiatry in Liverpool

The Liverpool Podiatry Clinic offers treatment for paediatric foot conditions.


Children's foot problems can only be successfully treated following consultation with and diagnosed by our paediatric podiatrists. Our Liverpool foot clinic uses our 1-hour gait analysis and biomechanical assessment Biomechanical assessments and video gait analysis to help identify the root of children's walking problems. There are several techniques to treat children's feet, including with orthotics, footwear, stretching, and strengthening. With the proper podiatrist care and direction, the majority of children's foot problems are not serious and can be properly managed.


Typical problems with kids' feet

The following is a list of some common children's foot conditions that our Liverpool Clinic's podiatrists treat:

Children do not always complain about foot pain or problems walking.

So some common signs to look out for are:


Children's Orthotics Orthotics



The orthotics that our Liverpool podiatrists propose for children's feet can be quite helpful. By improving lower leg and foot mechanics, orthotics can assist children in becoming more stable and functioning better. Orthotics can provide relief for vital lower leg muscles and joints that are prone to overuse in young people. They can also help with the increasing pains and symptoms associated with many paediatric foot conditions, such as Sever's disease Sever’s Disease (Calcaneal Apophysitis) and heel/arch discomfort Plantar Fasciitis – Heel Pain, Heel Spurs.


Our paediatric podiatrists are experts at treating children's feet and are masters at writing paediatric orthotics prescriptions. The conservative yet thorough approach Liverpool Podiatry Clinic uses when treating children's feet and providing orthotics is primarily responsible for our success.


Liverpool Podiatry Clinic offers both prefabricated and custom alternatives for children's orthotics. Our paediatric podiatrists can suggest equipment for kids of all ages because they are experts in designing personalised orthotics.


Have a podiatrist inspect your child's feet

If you are worried about your child's feet, development, or gait, schedule a 1 hour Biomechanical Assessment appointment with one of our friendly children's podiatrists at Liverpool Podiatry Clinic. Book Online 


We offer patients at Liverpool a wide range of general podiatry services, including ingrown toenail surgery, nail fungus therapy, and plantar fasciitis treatment, in addition to paediatric podiatry therapies.


Appointments are essential