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PIGION TOES In toe | Common Foot Problem

 ‘pigeon toed’ or ‘in toed’ is when someone walks with one foot pointing in towards the other.

Being pigeon toed can increase your risk of stumbling and tripping as the toes of one foot can knock the inside of the other leg when you walk and run.


Many people who are pigeon toed sleep on their front with their feet and legs turned in because it feels more comfortable they also sit in a 'W' position.

The foot can move in such a way to hide the appearance and to a lesser extent the functional consequences of being pigeon toed. This compensatory movement of the foot, usually over-pronation, will cause the foot and leg to ache more often when playing sport and can cause long term damage to the hip and knee.

If you or your child walk with your feet turning in, you can book in to see a podiatrists so that the underlying cause may be diagnosed. 

Any questions please feel free to ask the podiatrist, who will be happy to help you.