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Cracked Heels

Cracks can develop in skin which has hardened and thickened callous around the edges of the heels. Eventually this can causes the skin to split, resulting in a cracked heel. If the skin becomes too thick and too hard, the cracks will deepen, become very painful and may bleed. Any split of the skin which is open and bleeds is at risk of becoming infected.


Causes of cracked heels
Common causes of cracked heels is increased callous from wearing of open backed shoes, such as thongs and sling backs of high heels this can cause dry thick callouses around the heels that split.
Patients who often go bare foot may also suffer from this painful condition.
Some conditions such as diabetes will cause the skin to become dry.

The hard skin can be debrided (removed) by one of our podiatrists. This is a painless treatment and most patients enjoy relief soon after.

It is also advised to use a good moisturiser containing Urea, eg. Eulactol heel balm.

A good moisturiser used daily helps heal and prevent the cracks from forming.
Any questions please feel free to ask the podiatrist, who will be happy to help you.