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Gout is a  common form of arthritis affecting usually involving the big toe joint, but may affect other joints.  It can occur suddenly overnight and is recurrent. Gout attacks usually resolve in 1-2 weeks.

Symptoms: The affected joint is warm, red and swollen is often stiff, very painful to move or touch.

Causes: Gout occurs due to elevated uric acid levels in the blood, spiky crystals may form inside the joints and soft tissues causing these painful episodes.

Certain foods high in uric acids are known to cause gout attacks. It is best to minimise intake of these foods during a gout attack.

Purine rich foods: eg meat, seafood, fructose (sweetener in certain beverages), tomatoes, grapes.
Drink excessive alcohol (particularly beer)
Other causes are renal deficiency, high blood pressure, taking certain medications eg diuretics.

Treatment: A Podiatrist can assess the affected joint and work together with you to create a management plan to prevent and control gout. This may include anti-inflamatories, foot biomechanical changes, footwear advice, medications, and lifestyle and dietary changes.